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Our Team

Digital strategists, copywriters, designers, and data analysts to boost your marketing results.

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We know that bold brands need a bold team to tell their story.

We help our clients by developing brand identities, digital experiences, and campaign assets that communicate clearly, achieve marketing goals, and captivate users visually. Our team has extensive brand-defining experience in various market segments—with organizations ranging in size from typical SMBs to large multinational enterprises.

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Leadership Team

Meet the team

Morgan Titcher

Creative Director

As our creative director, Morgan ensures commitment to our mission of delivering high-growth marketing initiatives at the intersection of creativity and strategy, driving successful client results.

With a background in commercial video production, Morgan executed creative campaigns on behalf of SMBs & large brands, both as an in-house content director and later, as an independent marketing consultant. Maintaining strong emphasis on artful storytelling and purposeful messaging, Morgan utilizes affect-driven communications to connect meaningful brands with an audience that stands to benefit.

Max Irzhak

Associate Creative Director

With a brand pedigree that includes bold brand leaders like Mercedes Benz and AT&T, Max possesses unmatchable expertise in enterprise-scale creative concepting & execution.

As the lead copywriter at AT&T, Max spearheaded brand-defining creative campaigns for the multi-national media group, including the launch of a flagship product, DirecTV NOW (which shattered EOY acquisition goals on launch night). With a strong focus on the customer experience, Max has created digital journeys for web, email, in-app, brand video, and TV campaigns. Before AT&T, Max handled other marquee brands including Mercedes-Benz, where he launched its flagship line of Sprinter compact vans.

Brand-Building Expertise

From large-scale international enterprises to SMB organizations, our brand-building experience starts with leadership and flows through our entire talented creative network.

Our team:

From concept to execution, our interdisciplinary team offers a fusion of strategy and creativity to generate successful marketing results.


Content Writers

Content Strategists

Digital Strategists

Graphic Designers

UI/UX Designers

Campaign Managers


Our Projects

Strategy Development

Content & Copy

Web & App Development

Graphic Design

Data & Analytics

Digital Campaign

Cohesion from Concept to Execution.

The benefit of creative & strategic cohesion carries immense force in securing marketing outcomes aligned with your goals. That is why our hand-selected team pairs top-talent from concept to execution, delivering impeccable results at every stage of our end-to-end marketing solutions.

Strategy: Digital & Content Strategists

Concept: Copywriters & Content Writers

Design: UI/UX & Graphic Designers

Execution: Campaign Managers & Developers


Team members

Nick Vahanian

Digital Strategist

With a successful pedigree in business development, building million dollar operations for startups like Fullscreen TV, Nick leverages his expertise to provide growth-oriented consulting & digital client strategies.

Formerly the Growth Manager at Brooklyn-Based startup, Planted, and the Manager of FullScreen TV’s international business development, Nick has grown multi-million dollar business operations from the ground up, both domestically and internationally.

Shannan Rouss

Content Strategist

A leading content strategist, writer, and executive editor (Glo, SELF), Shannan has operated on both sides of the publishing industry, including branded content & articles for NBC, MSN, Cosmopolitan, and Westfield.

In addition to her organic content experience, Shannan previously led digital content for Westfield’s TrendWatch initative and managed branded content for Livestrong, where she worked with advertising partners to help guide placement and implement advertorial or “native advertising.”

John R. Williams

Data Analyst

John brings a wealth of complex data analysis & projection modeling experience to our team. As a long-time corporate analyst, John helps us decipher difficult indicators to present clients with solid, data-backed solutions.

As a long-time corporate actuarial solutions manager & analyst, John has developed a custom framework for trend-mapping and decision-making. This skillset has proved crucial in isolating key data indicators, helping us to design, iterate, and improve on successful client strategies.

Katie Rhead

Senior Designer

Katie is a highly-skilled graphic designer with broad experience creating bespoke brand assets and marketing collateral for startups, lifestyle magazines, educational organizations, and B2B clients alike.

Katie’s unique ability to combine vision with the underlying core of each messaging strategy has earned her projects in a wide-range of design-mediums, including social content, pitch decks, web & blog content, infographics, eBooks, and custom illustrations & icons.

Will Brennan

Will Brennan


Copywriter and content strategist with international enterprise experience.

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A multi-lingual copywriter with enterprise brand expertise, Will brings a global perspective to our team. At Ogilvy’s Middle East unit, Will developed content for TV, print, digital and social ads in both English & Arabic. After returning stateside, Will shifted focus to creative strategy more broadly in NA, EMEA, and APAC regions.

Laine Hammer

Laine Hammer


Digital copywriter for B2C branding, web copy, and content marketing projects.

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A digital copywriter who has developed web copy, brand communications, and strategic messaging design for B2C projects, Laine has a strong foothold in millennial-oriented content. Laine has implemented content marketing strategies for brands like Tastemade, including community articles & email blasts, WeWork, and served to define brand voice & tone for a leading health-focused baby food provider, Hello Yumi.

Simona Galant

Simona Galant

Content Strategist

Content strategist for organic content marketing, article generation, & blog content.

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Simona brings a strong startup & tech-focus to the Ink, Inc. team. A former Silicon Valley content marketing specialist, Simona has extensive experience in developing scalable marketing strategies within the B2B space.

Mckenzie Itak

Mckenzie Itak

Copy Associate

Digital copywriter for web copy, creative campaigns, and content marketing projects.

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A storyteller at heart, Mckenzie began her writing career in film school. After graduation, Mckenzie began using her creative talents to tell the stories of creative brands. With a strong narrative-focus, she work closely with our creative team to generate copy for client projects.

Emily Fuller

Emily Fuller

Account Executive

Account manager for client strategies and project resource management.

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With a background in the entertainment industry, Emily has experience on the agency-side, at United Talent Agency (UTA) and Publicis, and in physical production environments. Emily helps ensure project cohesion with a rigorous focus on organizational processes.

Camilly Pereira

Camilly Pereira

Graphic Designer

Digital media designer with a background in both graphic arts and fashion design.

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Camilly is a digital media designer & art director with a background in both graphic arts and fashion design. Camilly has a developed specialty in organic & retargeted social collateral.

Natalya Vertigo

Natalya Vertigo

UI/UX Designer

Senior UI/UX Designer for Custom Websites and Shopify & eCommerce stores.

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Nataliya is a Senior UI/UX Designer at Avex, where she has developed unique visual user experiences and cultivated extensive design experience for Shopify & eCommerce stores.

A team of creatives aligned by a strategy, telling your brand story.

Creatives at the top of their craft, well-versed in the art of telling stories—whether with ink & penpaint & brushcode & keyboard, or light & camera—all aligned by a central, strategic perspective, designing bespoke marketing solutions for your brand; that is the recipe for Ink, Inc.

Many of our competitors in the creative marketing space have excellent communication skills—that, we do not doubt—however, they often lack a far more importantimpactful, and difficult-to-acquire skill; the skill of masterful storytelling. The ability to weave narrative into a work, forming meaningful connections with an audience through artfully-orchestrated emotional messaging.

Unfortunately for our competition, storytelling skills aren’t acquired simply. Narrative instincts can’t be bought or born-into, they must be honed by copious experience — telling stories, thinking stories, breathing stories. One does not tell a story “by accident,” you cannot “stumble into it” as you remain face down, head glued to a page where your pen rotely goes through the motions of you explaining your client’s product—the wheel—by simply describing the number of pegs on it.

In today’s economy, where emotional connection to a brand is seen as crucial for 82% of consumers, businesses cannot afford to choose an option who will drip some ink upon paper… but not much else.

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Our Experience

Mercedes Benz Logo - Agency Team Experience in Large Brand Campaigns
Our Process

How It Works

1. Strategy

Our team of strategists outline our approach, isolating key components and tactics that will help us meet your marketing goals.

2. Messaging

Our copywriters and content specialists get to work handcrafting the perfect message to connect your brand with its ideal customers.

3. Design & Develop

Guided by our unified creative strategy, designers and developers begin producing final content & visual assets for your campaign.

4. Implement & Optimize

We implement content on channels like web & social media, email, and paid advertising, optimizing results from actual user data.

Certified Partner

Our team of creative marketing experts have extensive experience working with industry-leading platforms & methods, with official certification in Google Search Ads & Display Ads, Facebook Advertising, Instagram for Business, Inbound Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization through our partners below.

Hubspot Certified in Inbound Marketing
Google Certified Partners - Google Ads and Adwords Certified Digital Marketers
SEMRush Certified - Team Certified by SEO Platform

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