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About Us

The Intersection of
Creativity & Strategy

Ink, Inc. is a full-service agency in Brooklyn, NY. We specialize in matters of strategic messaging, branding, and digital marketing for businesses that range in size from SMBs to international enterprises.

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We know that agency success means client success.

We help our clients by developing brand identities, digital experiences, and campaign assets that communicate clearly, achieve marketing goals, and captivate users visually.

Our Services
Brand Development Services - Marketing Agency Solutions for B2B Production Company Inexora Media

Our Marketing Solutions

Digital Agency Services


Generating brand collateral for web, email, or ad campaigns.

Graphic Design

Visual asset creation for engaging campaigns or brand material.

Web & Landing Pages

Developing sales funnels & high-converting landing pages.

Campaign Management

Account setup, targeting, & asset creation for digital campaigns.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns for newsletters, sales, promotions, or blog updates.

Sales Funnels & CRO

Developing & mapping funnels optimized for sales & conversions.

Insight Analytics

Data insights, competitor reports, & our client analytics portal.

Social Media

Timeline management, content creation, & audience engagement.

Strategic Communications Design.

Creative marketing solutionsservicescampaignsintelligence


Content Strategists

Graphic Designers

UI/UX Designers

Digital Strategists

Data Analysts

Campaign Managers


Creativity meets strategy, the intersection of successresultsgrowth

A full-service marketing agency operated out of Brooklyn, NY, Ink, Inc. prides itself on the innovative solutions that our talented team help bring to life for our beloved client brands.

We specialize in matters of strategic messaging, branding, and management of online presence for businesses that range in size from SMBs to international enterprises. Our goal is to get your message out there in a way that speaks directly to your targeted audience, in order to drive more conversions that will help your business grow.

Be Bold

We believe that sharp is always better than dull; that it better to “lean in” than to shy away. When it comes to message, we don’t think it is all that “safe” to “play it safe,” rather, it is the opposite. Simply put, we are unafraid to rock the boat, because no one writes stories about calm seas.

Be Innovative

We believe that the cutting edge is where the victors are sheared from the vanquished. Where others see creativity as a luxury, we see it as a necessity. Innovation is not a choice, it is a survival strategy: adapt or die. In short, we believe that revolutions aren’t born, they’re bred; the result of a culture intentionally engineered to test the limits of possibility.

Be Strategic

We believe that great results require our heads to be in the sky, but our hearts to be firmly-fixed upon the most prudent path. We hold a core belief that imagination is essential to know which way to go, but strategy is necessary to know how to get there. By tugging upon both ends of this rope, we never lose tether to what matters, nor do we stay stuck too firmly upon the ground to ever take flight.

The Intersection

We believe that the best work is done at the precise intersection between strategy and creativity. That is why we remain focused on fulfilling our passion for connecting meaningful brands with an audience that stands to benefit, providing a valuable link between both parties directly situated along this all-important intersection.

At Ink, Inc., we operate at the intersection of art and science. The intersection of inspiration and perspiration. The intersection where dreams meet reality and ideas become tools; it is our belief that it is this precise intersection which forges our future, taking what is possible and turning it into just: what is. That is why our approach is a direct fusion of creativity and strategy, a method laid bare within our own company name: Ink, Inc.

Whether we are designing content to captivate and dazzle a free-spirit-loving audience for a lifestyle brand, or generating extremely precise sales copy for a data-driven enterprise, we strive to maintain this dual focus to drive better quality output with higher conversion potential.


Our Process

Campaign Strategy

Using our proprietary “Brand Personality” survey, we isolate the core of your messaging strategy and begin outlining our approach.

Content Generation

Our copywriters and content specialists get to work handcrafting the perfect message to connect your brand with its ideal customers.

Design & Development

Guided by our unified creative strategy, designers and developers begin producing final content & visual assets for your campaign.

Content Promotion

Our strategists promote campaign content on all viable channels, including email, web & social media, and search & display ads.

Creative Marketing Solutions

Learn more about our full-service marketing solutions.


Inbound Content Marketing

Generating engaging content to grow organic traffic & reach.


Promotions & Campaigns

Stunning visuals & compelling copy to attract and convert customers.

Analytics & CRO

Digital Experience Design

Using data & advanced analytics to improve customer results.

Certified Partner

Our team of creative marketing experts have platform-expertise with industry-leading platforms and methods, including official certification in Google Search & Display Ads, Facebook Advertising, Instagram for Business, Inbound Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization through our partners below.

Hubspot Certified in Inbound Marketing
Google Certified Partners - Google Ads and Adwords Certified Digital Marketers
SEMRush Certified - Team Certified by SEO Platform

Team Members

Morgan Titcher

Morgan Titcher

Creative Director

Morgan Titcher

Creative Director
Max Irzhak

Max Irzhak

Associate Creative Director

Max Irzhak

Associate Creative Director
Will Brennan

Will Brennan

Copywriter & Content Strategist
Laine Hammer

Laine Hammer

John R. Williams

John R. Williams

Data Strategist
Katie Rhead

Katie Rhead

Graphic Designer
Camilly Pereira

Camilly Pereira

Graphic Designer
Mckenzie Itak

Mckenzie Itak

Copy Associate
Nick Vahanian

Nick Vahanian

Digital Marketing Specialist
Simona Galant

Simona Galant

Content Marketing Specialist
Team Page & Bios
See our team page for a full list of our talent, their bios, and specialties & experience.

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Bespoke marketing solutions for innovative companies seeking creative strategies.
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Our global dashboard aggregates all your marketing data in one place, from SEO and organic traffic to PPC and Social Media metrics.

With exclusive access to our live client analytics portal, you can view your KPIs and progress anywhere, anytime.
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We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of clients that range from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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Read our case study to see how we helped ClockInEasy boost organic traffic by over 600% and its double onsite conversion rate with effective UX consulting and inbound marketing services.

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Our Stack

A stack built for success, the platforms we use were hand-selected to drive impactful results.

We’ve developed our workflow from a set of industry-leading tools and services to form our own proprietary fulfillment platform. Don’t worry about needing to stay on the very bleeding edge of technology, we’ll handle it for you.

Google Adwords Certified - Google Certified Digital Marketers

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Case Studies
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