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Marketing Automation & Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services

From email campaigns and newsletters to nurture sequences and marketing automation.
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Inbound Marketing Services

Email Marketing

Dollar-for-dollar, email is the most effective marketing medium. We fuse creative content with digital strategy know-how to generate successful email marketing results that drive ROI and boost sales.

From “Subject Line” to “Send Button”

Our Services

Email Automation
Drip Campaigns
Promotional Emails
Lead Nurture Sequences
Lead Scoring
Sales Funnels
Segmented Campaigns
Split-Testing Messaging
Personalized Emails
eCommerce Product-Targeting
Retargeting & Cart Abandonment
Newsletters & Blog Updates
Email Marketing Results

Email Effectiveness

The most cost-effective marketing medium, email campaigns drive sales growth with an impressive return on investment. According to Campaign Monitor, the medium saw a mind-boggling 4,400% ROI, returning $44 for every $1 spent.

Companies using email automation

Enterprises deploying personalized messaging

Source for Statistics: CampaignMonitor, Hubspot, & Mailchimp

Prefer Promotions via Email
⇧ 101%
⇧ 101%
CTR with Segmentation
Active Email Accounts

Mobile Email Marketing - Our Agency Email Marketing Services on iPhone
Advanced Email Funnels and Email Automation - Marketing Agency Services
Email Automation Funnel Design - NYC Marketing Agency

Email Automation

Using event triggers, lead scoring, and audience segments, email automation lets you engage customers better with relevant content to boosts conversions.

Custom Funnel Design

Supercharge your drip campaigns and nurture sequences with a comprehensive sales funnel that’s designed to convert. Using key engagement metrics, purchase history, and actual user behavior, we design custom email automations with multiple unique paths and messaging tailored to each stage of your funnel.

Event Triggered Emails

Send highly relevant and timely emails to your customers or clients. With event triggered emails, we can personalize your email marketing to improve the customer experience. Responsible for 58% of all email-driven revenue, personalized campaigns with custom site events allow us to retarget any meaningful customer behavior to boost your conversions.

Email Marketing Solutions

Our Services

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns for newsletters, updates, and sales & promotions.

Automation Sequences

Automated drip campaigns, nurture sequences, & funnels.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation, list creation, & targeted campaigns.

Advanced Funnel Design

Generating automations & email funnels optimized for conversions.


Multi-variate testing for subject lines, email copy, and campaigns.

Lead Scoring

Assign lead scores from on-site behavior & engagement metrics.

Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting highest engagers or converting on cart abandonment.

Email Personalization

Driving engagement with proven email personalization strategies.

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Email Marketing Agency

Our Solutions

Drip Campaigns

With open rates nearly 80% higher than email blasts, drip campaigns are a potent sales tool. We create customer-specific email sequences to nurture your leads throughout each stage of the sales funnel.

Email Automation

When compared to blast campaigns or batch-sending, email automation drives conversion rates 180% higher with event triggered emails. We create custom triggered campaigns to boost your sales and lead generation results.

Segmented Campaigns

Targeting your audience with segmented campaigns based on purchases, location, or demographics can lead to as much as a 760% increase in revenue. We help drive sales with persona-specific messaging for each core customer group.


With over 50% of email opens coming from mobile devices, it is increasingly vital to create mobile-friendly content. We optimize campaigns for cross-platform accessibility to reach audiences everywhere.

Email Personalization

Tailoring email campaigns to personally address customers can generate up to 6x higher transaction rates. Our expert team forges email copy that speaks directly to subscribers, with custom variables forming highly personalized campaigns.

Campaign Management

Advanced automation tools provide limitless opportunity, but hold steep learning curves in onboarding & funnel design. With platform expertise, we develop, launch, and track the progress of your email campaigns, so you can focus on running your business.

Email Marketing Analytics | Client Dashboard

Data insights in our client portal

A majority of marketers name email as their best channel for ROI. Monitor your campaign engagement live in our custom client analytics portal.

Target subscribers with personalized campaigns and see how different audience segments engage with your brand. Boost open rates and CTRs with accessible campaign data.

Receive monthly reports on email marketing channel performance. View your campaign data in a central location. Full-service clients get a 360° view of all analytics in one convenient report.
See how it works
Email Marketing Results Dashboard - Digital Agency Email Marketing Services

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Email Marketing Platforms

Our email marketing tools

A stack built for success, our email automation platforms were selected for impactful client results.

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Driving Client ROI with Email

See our client impact
with case studies

Read our case study to see how we achieved email open rates 206% higher than industry-average, click-through rates 190% higher, and boosted the funnel’s overall trial-to-sale conversion rate by nearly 25%.

Avg. Open Rate
CTR vs. Industry-Avg.
Trial-to-Sale Boost

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    Most often, we use ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, and, depending on the type of campaign and desired complexity. Our team is familiar with and certified in other email marketing software platforms, however, we’ve found these to effectively meet client needs.

    If you would like us to use another platform or implement through your existing accounts, feel free to get in touch with us.

    There is no one-size-fits-all for email marketing campaigns, so pricing depends on campaign requirements and scope. We can communicate to determine a price that works best for your budget needs and marketing goals. 

    We offer a wide-range of email marketing services from simple newsletters, monthly campaigns, and email copywriting as an individual service, all the way to custom-designed email funnels, multi-variate testing, email personalization, and advanced email automation to drive sales and significantly improve your marketing results.

    If budget is a constraint, simple newsletters and monthly email campaigns allow you a cost-effective way to engage your audience. For company’s looking to expand and grow strongly, there are a hold host of options in advanced campaigns, email automation, and multi-pronged, event-triggered email sales funnels.

    The simple answer: it’s determined by how much investment you think is warranted to improve channel performance.

    Yes we do. Free trial funnels are an excellent area to boost signup-to-sale rates, deepen audience connections, and boost your overall revenue.

    We design trial funnels from simple drip sequence campaigns to complex event-driven independent paths with personalized messaging strategies. For an example of our email automation, see our custom event-driven email funnel project with ClockInEasy. 

    If you are interested in a custom automated funnel design for your startup or SaaS company, we recommend getting in touch with us here, as it is very important to understand your customer base and how they interact with your products in order to generate effective email campaigns.

    While we certainly believe there is synergy between our other services & solutions and our email marketing offerings, we do provide email marketing as a standalone service when clients desire such. 

    This includes varied packages from comprehensive email marketing automation, custom drip campaigns, and bespoke funnel design, all the way to simple monthly campaigns, email copy, and strategic inbound guidance. 

    We would love the opportunity to show you what we can do and what more can be accomplished when paired with a full-suite of our solutions. 

    While absolutely believe so, and the evidence demonstrates such; for example, when combining Product Innovation solutions with Email Marketing, there is the tremendous benefit of the deep understanding and ability to hear, respond to, address, and then communicate customer desires with product teams.  

    This is something we learned first hand in a prior mobile app project, where our product feedback helped drive both internal development and our messaging strategy.

    The benefits of this synergy allows product to address user concerns, which in turn allows improved retention, sales, and overall growth.

    For example, in a comprehensive set of solutions for a B2B client, ClockInEasy, after implementing our “Reports Exporting” product feature campaign for our client, ClockInEasy, we achieved a 58.75% open rate and 6.38% Click-to-Open Rate, helping to boost trial-to-sale conversions from 6.8% to 8.4% MoM.