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B2B Production Company Rebrand

Overview of a B2B Rebrand Project for Inexora Media:

Our Process, Methods, & Results
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Brand & Digital Experience Design

Inexora Media is an independent production company, based in New York City. The boutique studio enlisted our agency’s support in designing a more cohesive brand experience for future clients.


Brand Experience


Inexora Media


Web & Digital Design

The Client

The client (“Inexora Media”) is a boutique video production company specialized in commercial video, branded content, influencer promotions, and music videos. The outgrowth of a prior studio whose pipeline scaled beyond existing corporate structure, Inexora faced unique challenges in brand positioning.

Brand Positioning

The Brooklyn-based production studio had an intended goal of pursuing new client markets (given their expanded structure and fulfillment capacity) in which they had fewer industry contacts and required a completely overhauled brand presence to drive appeal and reassure larger, risk-averse clients.

Quality Production Work

While the company had developed substantial industry contacts and customers from the prior production house that its founders ran (and folded into the new company), they faced certain obstacles in scaling the endeavor and appealing to its newly desired client base. The quality of their produced work spoke for itself; however, now competing in a new, more competitive, market segment, that alone would prove insufficient.

Incongruous Brand Presence

The client’s online presence was wildly incommensurate with the quality of their work and left a rather “amateur” impression of the organization. The copy was dull, predictable, and did nothing to individuate the company from its peers. The assets were unpolished, unrelated to the body copy, and lacked any meaningful contribution to the client’s “story.” The brand “voice” would require work to unify theme, vision, and tone, enabling the client to drive revenue with its new target customer-base.

The Challenge

The challenge was capturing a new target audience where the client had fewer industry contacts to rely upon. This was compounded by the more risk-averse nature of this audience and the importance placed on personal relationships and existing trust.

The Approach

Our approach was to focus on building relationships with this audience that felt tangible, familiar, and secure. This would require a digital experience that replicated the intimacy and depth of personal vendor relationships that were already well-established.

The client had incredibly impressive work, positive referrals, and a highly-capable team, however, the “package” this was all bundled into wasn’t doing them any justice and risked turning-off the new client base they sought … After all, if the client appeared confused about who they themselves were, how could they be trusted to tell your brand’s story?

Morgan Titcher
Creative Director

The Process

We began by analyzing the competitive market and the area of our client’s primary operational strengths to identify key markers that would determine our strategic direction. Given the company’s desire to shift from independent brands and large corporate-owned subsidiaries to a broader focus on mid-level enterprises, we evaluated the qualities that these specific organizations sought in their vendor relationships with a production house.

The Assessment

While large enterprises were most concerned about minimizing risk—partnering with familiar agencies led by decades of pedigree—and smaller brands held focus on achieving the highest potential impact—opting for nimble vendors delivering aggressively creative “buzz” campaigns—sitting between these two, the mid-level enterprises our client sought, did not appear to be easily-defined by either. Rather, they sought a varied mixture of both contrasting priorities.

The Brand Direction

From this research, what stood out was a desire for a flexible, creative, but also highly-organized and professional partner who exuded their own unique commercial vision while also providing a sense of assurance in their capabilities to fulfill project-specific needs.

To address this, we built the client’s brand around the simple concept, “expert storytellers in every medium” allowing the resulting outgrowth to serve as an organic framework to layer in further detail. By telling the story of the company’s creativity, through the lens of expertise, we were able to “kill two birds with one stone,” establishing a brand presence that directly tackled the two key traits that their customers desired: creative flexibility and operational expertise.

Our Creative Vision

Now complete with an idea of “what” Inexora was, we began to establish the “how” element of its brand story and what properly conveying this messaging would entail. Giving strong consideration to the customer experience process, we produced an entirely redesigned website structure, engineered to take potential clients step-by-step through a premeditated process, composed specifically to address potential areas of concerns, instill confidence, spark excitement, and immediately drive action based on that excitement.

Our Solution

End-to-End Brand Experience Design

The Homepage – User Experience

To provide reassurance and minimize perceived risk, we developed web content sliders highlighting prior client projects; adding meaningful details in a manner that would further improve transparency and thus, reduce conceptual risk for prospective clients.

Each element of their commercial production process, from concept to post-production, was then summarized in a “features” icon-box structure to convey specific expertise and provide a more tangible sense of the work-relationship that would improve clarity on material matters for future customers.

Homepage Comparison (Before vs. After)

The image comparison box below allows you to slide from left (the “before“) to right (the “after“), showing the client’s prior web presence (left) and our redesign (right).

Before vs. After (Website Visual Style) Before
Before vs. After (Website Visual Style) After
Digital Experience Design

Additional Pages & Features

Additional pages for notable specialties, including Commercial Drone Operation, Influencer Campaigns, and large-scale Production Management, were developed alongside a filterable portfolio that would allow clients to see a breadth of work while also enabling them to quickly find the industry vertical most relevant to their needs.

Finally, short bios were developed for featured staff, freelancers, and other team members, providing a more “human” relationship with the brand that would (quite literally) give “a face” to “the name” behind the company. This also served a strategic purpose of adding additional reassurance in the relatively new company’s ability to fulfill on projects by spotlighting their highly-experienced team.

Once all of this was in place, the site was engineered to guide users through an experience that would illuminate, excite, and then quickly drive towards an actionable conversion result: a contact form for prospective clients to request a quote.

Additional Page Comparisons & Visual Assets (Before vs. After)

To examine and compare additional pages, web elements, and visual styles between the client’s prior web presence (left) and our redesign (right),  use the slider below to scan between the two.

Before vs. After (Additional Web Assets) Before
Before vs. After (Additional Web Assets) After

Adding “Tangibility” with Dynamic Media

Our goal was to add a firm sense of “tangibility” to the digital experience, adding meaningful context to their brand through design elements that would improve the ability of potential clients to truly “feel” and relate to their work in a concrete manner.

By focusing on developing relationships with users through an intimate brand experience design, we encouraged prospective customers to see Inexora Media not simply as a “vendor” but as a human partner with whom they could immediately envision a work-relationship together.

Dynamic assets and interactive media like this iPhone-framed, “Made for Social” Instagram video (right) featured real client projects in their native format. 

"Made for Social" Module

Features an actual project developed specifically for HGU’s Instagram in native square video format.

Creative Agency Solutions

Rebrand Project Results

By considering the end-to-end experience of potential customers—and having the freedom to completely overhaul all prior brand presence and online structure—we were able to place the client’s brand in an optimal position to secure the new target audience it sought and to provide potential customers with the information and tools necessary to make actionable decisions.

As a result, for the first time, the business was receiving inbound requests for project quotes by brands with values exceeding $50M on its website and successfully engaging companies with ad-spend budgets in excess of $5B annually (a figure >10x the previous client pipeline potential value) through outbound channels which capitalized on its newly enhanced digital presence.

For additional information on project results, performance metrics, our process, or individual project elements (including our SEO strategy which boosted organic reach by 209%), see our project case study and the links to companion resources included further below.

Broader Business Partnership

With successful projects, we always enjoy finding ways to continue, build upon, and deepen our valuable work relationships with clients. While the client had achieved its brand development goals, the shared strategic vision and inherent synergies between our business models led to a long-lasting partnership.

This creative chemistry resulted in a continuing business relationship, with Inexora Media becoming one of our production partners on creative campaigns. Our creative director additionally serves as an external content director for large-scale Inexora Media projects where campaign development is required.

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