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Decision Boundaries | Carlos Abadi

Rebrand & Digital Experience Design for Carlos Abadi-owned Financial Advisory

Decision Boundaries LLC | Financial Advisory

Brand Development & Digital Experience Design for Carlos Abadi-owned Consulting Firm

For this strategic communications & digital experience design project, we generated a consistent & compelling brand presence for DecisionBoundaries LLC, a new financial advisory firm founded by international finance expert, Carlos Abadi. Reworking its corporate presence for the C-Level hedge fund, enterprise, and legal sector clients DecisionBoundaries serves, we carefully coordinated copy, design, and guided development to ensure all elements met strategic communications goals set throughout the brand development and web design process.

DecisionBoundaries LLC
Carlos Abadi
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Financial Advisory
Digital Experience Design
Brand Development, Web Design, Copywriting
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The Challenge: Conveying complexity without losing sight of simplicity.

Facing a high bounce rate and difficulty communicating in an effective manner with its professional B2B audience, DecisionBoundaries managing director & financial-industry veteran, Carlos Abadi, reached out to our agency. Carlos tasked us with developing a new digital communications strategy for his firm and to implement this strategy with a new web presence and digital experience design.


Analyzing communication successes & failures for a sophisticated clientele in a cut-throat B2B vertical.

DecisionBoundaries, a financial advisory run by former Roubini Global Economics board member, Carlos Abadi, was placed in a competitive and cut-throat B2B market vertical. The project required a coordinated vision to appeal to its sophisticated clientele—hedge fund managers, bankers, law firms, and large corporations.

At the outset, we initiated a UX audit to discern the areas responsible for the high rate of site-abandonment. This would also help determine our path to lower the bounce rate, increase engagement, and drive more conversions.

It became clear the existing website lacked a unifying focus and was not structured to keep the user engaged over time. Instead, it overloaded the user by telling the entire narrative all at once, rather than doling out small, digestible bites.


Designing messaging architecture for a highly-discerning B2B audience.

Our strategy was to communicate clearly around the core pillars of the client’s business: expertise and innovation.

Focus was spent simplifying onsite content, which was inaccessible and excessive, likely contributing to the bounce rate. At the same time, we had to balance that simplicity against the parallel need to convey a strong sense of industry-expertise.

Emphasis was placed on ensuring each element from copy & design to site structure & development (led by client’s external development team) contributed to this goal with cohesive synergy in our messaging.


Finding clarity in complexity to enact our creative vision.

Now with our strategy set, we embarked on our narrative. A new creative vision forged around “Clarity in Complexity” was the establishing theme, with conceptual links forged in design, copy, and the broader overall digital experience.

Working closely with the notable investment banker—who has been cited as an expert source in mainstream media like The New York Times, Bloomberg, Financial Times, and Reuters—this creative vision formed the backbone of our coordinated design, copy, and the developed website.

This messaging architecture was infused in both design and web copy elements, communicating our brand narrative textually and visually. Graphic assets like the hero block above-the-fold used a complex maze with a clear route out, leading to a contact form. Web copy was formed of concise, bold headers with clarity-added in the body copy for context.


Engineering experiences through careful fusion of copy and design.

Building trust with client’s discerning audience would be essential. To quickly establish rapport with skeptical fund managers, law firms, and Fortune 500 executives, we included distinctive logos of the well-established firms and membership associations the client had worked with.

While the new firm may not have yet made a brand name for itself, we could leverage the strength of its renowned qualifications and leadership to establish sources of external validation. The credibility and “social proof” provided would help overcome any inherent skepticism resulting from mere lack of name recognition.

New pages for solutions, including “Litigation Support,” “Financial Engineering,” and “Creditors’ Advisory,” were created to more clearly and confidently express DecisionBoundaries’ value proposition.

Full Homepage Layout

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B2B Branding Strategy for DecisionBoundaries, a Carlos Abadi Firm