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Coffee Source | Retail & eCommerce

Promotional Campaigns for Retail Coffee Store and Online Coffee Subscription Service

Coffee Source is a physical retail coffee shop and online coffee subscription service. In a heavily-saturated sector, their core differentiation lies in the depth of their expertise and in the specificity of their product offerings. Unlike many chain stores, Coffee Source tailors each cup to their customer’s personal taste preferences. With a wide variety of beans and coffee blends at their disposal and a highly-knowledgeable staff, they help guide customers towards the perfect custom-brew for their unique flavor palate.

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Coffee Source Marketing: eCommerce & Retail

Project Overview:

Print & Digital Marketing Campaigns for Physical Retail & eCommerce

This brand development & promotional content project was prepared for a food & beverage industry client, Coffee Source, located in Los Angeles. With a retail coffee shop location in Studio City and the launch its online coffee subscription service approaching, Coffee Source tasked us with generating a unique and playful brand voice for creative campaigns on formats including digital, print, email marketing, and social media promotion.

While we often work on projects for Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, this new “Coffee as a Service” or “CaaS” business model was a fun and exciting way to connect with consumers over a more physical product offering.


Project Task:
Campaign Generation

  • Print Signage & Flyers
  • Advertising & PPC
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Email Campaigns
The Process:

Defining Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for Improved Brand Positioning

We began by turning towards the core factors that distinguished Coffee Source from its peers in the highly-competitive local coffee market. In a heavily-saturated sector, their core differentiation lies in the depth of their expertise and in the specificity of their product offerings. Unlike many chain stores, Coffee Source tailors each cup to their customer’s own unique preferences and flavor palate.

They accomplish this with vendor relationships that secure a wide variety of high-quality beans and coffee blends, a highly-knowledgeable staff, and their own in-house coffee roasting capabilities.

Large international chains are generally unable or unwilling to utilize high-quality beans and precision roasting for their entire sourcing operations, and there are multiple reasons for this. Chiefly, there are significantly lower yields on high-quality beans, thereby increasing costs, and desires for product uniformity across multiple markets limits their roasting options.

As their audience and supply chains scale significantly, so too does the complexity of providing “the perfect cup of joe.” In general, coffee franchises like Starbucks famously choose to intentionally over-roast their beans to guarantee uniformity and to avoid complex flavors that may be undesirable to a marginal, but not insignificant, segment of their customer-base.

Like a broadcast television network sitcom, their goal is to be as “inoffensive” as possible, rather than to be the most “like-able” or “strongly desirable”  option. It is a “safe” choice, not a “bold” one.

By avoiding anything mildly disagreeable to some, large chains seek to eliminate any potentially objectionable component. In other words, to avoid repelling the few, they rob desirable elements from the many; in the process, they run the risk of appealing to no one.

We believe in bold brands(internal link) here, its one of our core values, so this initial value proposition resonated well.

Third-Wave Coffee: Analyzing Distinctions with Local Competitors

Yet, while large franchise coffee stores may not have been positioned to compete over the same audience segments, that still left regional candidates at risk of laying claim to this USP (or “unique selling proposition”) instead.

Indeed, while many of its competitors were global franchises, Coffee Source was also competing against many local third-wave coffee shops; an area which quality product is not so scarce.

The Coffee Source approach to bespoke blends did not rely only quality components however, it included quality composition of those components, “tailored to each taste-bud” through their precision, small-batch roasting process.

The in-house roasting machine, featured prominently in the retail location, was not only placed in the heart of their store, quite literally, it also rested at the very heart of their USP. Local third-wave coffee shops may have had quality beans and a knowledgeable staff, but the capability to roast in-house was rather rare. This precision-control is what enabled Coffee Source to specifically tailor a custom-brewed cup.

Large commercial coffee roasting equipment is not only expensive, it is extremely bulky and cumbersome, occupying an inordinately large share of the usable space for what are usually rather compact stores with a small retail-footprint.

Conveniently, the placement of its roaster in the center of the store, surrounded by a custom-built wooden bar with seating for patrons, is what enabled the otherwise space-consuming luxury. Local competitors with offsite or outsourced roasting operations, simply cannot offer the flavor range and precision that in-house roasting provides.

Print Collateral for Coffee Subscription Service

Creative Campaign: Select Works

Seasonal Promotions, Print Flyers, Digital & Social Media Advertising Collateral

We’ve included a gallery highlighting a few select campaign works and showcase materials below. Assets include seasonal promotions for Valentine’s Day, a new Summertime Cold Brew, eCommerce subscription materials (shown in full gallery above), with in-format visuals included for Instagram Promoted Stories and more.


Brand Collateral, Creative Campaigns, Seasonal Promotions, Content Generation

Armed with an extensive view of their brand positioning, we sought to expand reach and grow Coffee Source’s regional audience. Initial steps included the creation of digital advertising assets, social media promotions, print collateral, flyers, and email content for general brand awareness initiatives and seasonal marketing campaigns.

Promotional material later expanded to include creative campaigns and a promotional strategy specifically designed to accompany the launch of their marquee bean-subscription service.

For other B2C client work, see additional client showcases linked here.

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