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AgencyVista Interviews the Ink, Inc. Team on Digital Experience Design

A brief Q&A on our digital experience design process

DecisionBoundaries | Financial Advisory

The largest network of verified marketing agencies that connects businesses with potential partners, Agency Vista took the time to interview the Ink, Inc. team about one of our latest digital experience design projects. As a verified agency, we share the same values in the importance of trust and communication in achieving client goals.

We were delighted by the opportunity to share more about our process and the approach we took on this B2B project. The full-length Q&A with our team is available on the Agency Vista company blog. We’ve also included a few excerpts below, alongside select project assets, for you to enjoy.

B2B Brand Design | DecisionBoundaries

“With B2B marketing, the purchase funnel is notoriously complex, but decision makers still demand the same “1-click” Amazon-inspired interactions they’ve come to expect as consumers. At Ink Inc, we shorten the path to checkout by anticipating customer questions and answering them preemptively through informational architecture, clear design, and simple language so that the decision to “yes” is that much quicker.”

Max Irzhak, Associate creative director

Digital Experience Design: The Process

AgencyVista’s marketing director, Brittany Garlin, asked us some questions about our design process and strategic approach.

“As a business, it can difficult to provide a great user experience when you’re trying to convey a complex service without losing sight of simplicity.”

Brittany Garlin, AgencyVista marketing director

Graphic Design & Web Layout

“The design phase starts out with brainstorming and thinking about the message it needs to convey and how we can communicate that visually. DecisionsBoundaries’ tackles very complex issues. Through their extensive expertise and innovation, they bring clarity and practical solutions to a problem.”

katie rhead, lead designer

Experience Design

“DecisionsBoundaries’ tackles very complex issues. Through their extensive expertise and innovation, they bring clarity and practical solutions to a problem. All this needed to be communicated along with establishing trust and guiding users along a path where they could quickly obtain the information they need – and ultimately act on it.”

katie rhead, lead designer

Messaging & Web Copy

“By producing benefit-driven copy with a human tone, and breaking information down into its simplest elements, the content became digestible, clear, and drove people to take action.”

Max Irzhak, Associate creative director

Q&A on AgencyVista’s blog

Watch explainer videos

To learn more about our digital experience design solutions, check out the online explainer video below (or on the official Ink, Inc. YouTube channel). If you’d like to learn more about our partner, AgencyVista—and the verification process—see their platform explainer video below (bottom right).

For more information on our B2B project for DecisionBoundaries, a full profile of the project—and others—is available in our online portfolio.

Digital Experience Design | Ink, Inc. YouTube Channel
AgencyVista Explainer Video | YouTube Channel

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